What is ecological furniture? Cabinetry is defined ecological when no trees are used in order to make it – every part is made of 100% recycled materials. What distinguishes it from others products, is the mark which guarantees the exclusive use of eco-friendly materials, combined with a production procedure of certified quality. Currently Pedini uses certified, 100% recycled wood panels exclusively.

The marks of quality. Beware! The marks of quality processing ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9003 and ISO 9004, do not guarantee the quality of the furniture. They only signify that a system of organizational procedures is in place within the production process. A significant mark of quality is found in the guarantee issued by the company. The longer the coverage signifies the company’s validity to producing products of unquestionable quality. Though the European law compels to effect a warranty of 2 years, Pedini extends the warranty of its products to additional 7 years.

The Marine Grade Ecological Panel is a very high grade type of particle board panel, made exclusively from recycled wood with eco-friendly materials and a production process of certified quality. From a functional point of view this represents a product of very high quality, which delivers solid, quality product that maintains its shape and conformity throughout time. The research and development of the Marine Grade Ecological Panel and any chemicals and/or fumes in it, resulted in a product that is friendly to both the consumer and the environment and has the absolute lowest formaldehyde gas emissions.


Pedini is aware of the importance of preserving nature and the environment. So, we continue to develop and maintain an active role in the safeguard of the environment by producing products using environmental friendly and recyclable materials (recycled wood panels, aluminium, glass, steel, etc). We use sustainable wood, from tree farms in equal amounts to newly planted trees. Other products incorporate a material that is similar to wood, in its beauty and strength, but is man made.

Pedini recycles. It is just as important to pay attention to the beginning of the production cycle as it is to the end so any waste materials used during production are not found in the urban waste sites. At Pedini, we separate all waste materials and send them to recycling centres. They, in turn, send them to specialized production centres were they transform these materials into such things as aluminium ingots, cardboard or panels of recycled wood, ready to be used again in the productive cycle.